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Friday, February 25, 2005

Protesting the Weekend

So this is what the BBC is reduced to. Since apparently there is dearth of news coming out of Iraq in the past few days that would America in a bad light, the world's "premiere journalistic network" chooses to cover a protest by 40 some odd people in Baquba, because they don't want the day off on Saturday.

You see, Iraq just recently went from a six day work week to a five day work week. Previously, Iraqis only took off on Friday, the muslim sabbath. But several days ago the government instituted a two day weekend, covering Friday and Saturday, that would bring Iraq into line with most of the western world (except for France - which I believe now has a 3 hour work week.)

Unfortunately, some party poopers just can't get down with the long weekend.

Students in Baquba opposed the scheme, backed by outgoing Prime
Minister Iyad Allawi, because they identify Saturday with the Jewish Sabbath.

"We prefer it to be Thursday. Saturday is a holiday for Jews and we are Muslims
and reject that decision."
Yes, it's a Zionist conspiracy.

What the "protestors," a small group of high school students, haven't yet realized is that Saturday is not a holiday for Jews. It is a day for cartoons!

C'mon. Do they really want to work all Saturday and miss "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters?"

Go home and watch Speed Racer, you freaks!


At Friday, February 25, 2005 at 10:40:00 AM EST, Blogger Mr Web said...

Maybe Tuesday and Friday would be good the protesters. They could synch with many other countries really easy then. Maybe every district in Iraq should choose two different days...


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