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Saturday, August 25, 2007

NJ Continues Its Slow Decline

Guess what? In New Jersey, execution style killings occupy the same moral plane as the actions of soldiers during wartime.

Hundreds of war protesters [Wow, hundreds.~Ed.] marched through downtown Newark today, waving placards under a steamy afternoon sun and calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Closer to home, the event also highlighted violence in the streets of Newark, particularly the recent killings of three college students in a West Ward schoolyard.

That's what brought James Harvey, whose 20-year-old son, Dashon, was one of the three killed. Standing away from the crowd in Lincoln Park, Harvey watched as the speakers took turns at the podium. He wore a tired expression on his face, but said wanted to show up.

"Anything to stop the war," Harvey said, "to stop the guns and the violence."

* * *

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) arrived to push for his national health insurance bill, but drew louder cheers when he spoke against the war.

"We have an obligation to stop the war," he told the protesters. "It's illegal and immoral."

Why is this story being reported at all? More specifically, why isn't story about about a poorly attended demonstration whose supporters are hardly unified about why they are there to demonstrate?

There is only one clear message printing such a story sends: all violence is equal and equally bad. That's the message implicit in the story by making it about Dashon. That idea that all violence is bad, but especially violence in the name of the United States, (because don't you know that America is the root cause of all world's problems and violence directed against the US is deserved) is an idea that is dear to the moonbats of the world. How did this moral relativism take hold in liberal circles? This whole liberal/multi-cultural/everyone is equal and the same and everything would be fine if we just put our guns away and hugged is non-sense to any reasonable, logical, thinking human being. Any yet there is in black and white: executions and warfare are the same thing with nary a suggestion that such an idea may not be that well thought out. How can the press be so uncritical and implicitly endorse that concept through sheer laziness? Well, maybe that's just New Jersey and Newark. I can still hope the rest of the country will come around one day.