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Friday, January 28, 2005

Weather Forecast/Blogsnap

The weather forecast shows a cold night ahead tonight. Makes you just want to curl up with a cup of chamomile tea and watch the 2nd season of Beauty and the Beast, huh Mr. Surly.

Ohhhh Vincent...

Vincent: In this city of night, in this city of millions, there are countless stories. This is one of two lovers who shared a bond that changed their lives forever. It is my story. Her compassion opened my heart to a world where goodness and truth were stronger than hate or fear. Then, one day, she was taken from me by the forces of evil she battled so bravely. And now, alone with her memory, yet armed with her courage, I have sworn to fight those who would kill or harm or destroy, in the hope that one day I will find what all men seek to find: my destiny...


At Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 9:11:00 PM EST, Blogger MrSurly said...

For the record, Beauty and the Beast blows chunks. I believe I made this abundantly clear when you invited me to come to your house for the Beauty and the Beast 1st Season box set and Sailor Moon box set double feature.

I note that Ron Perlman who plays Vincent the Beast also plays Hellboy. Boy, there's a lot of suckage going on there.


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