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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Making of a "The Idiom" Blog Post

To assist you in your own blogging, here is an inside look at a how scintillating IM conversations between and among the proprietors of The Idiom, become brilliant and inventive blogposts on The Idiom:

Mr. Scriblerus: Question: who are the two guys who are in charge of Star Trek? They did TNG, STE, DS9, STV, you know those two guys.
Kid Various:
Rick Berman. Brannon Braga. They suck.
Mr. Scriblerus: Right
Kid Various: Especially Braga.
Mr. Scriblerus:
Any reason why?
Kid Various: Braga ruined Trek. Bad writer, what's more, lazy writer. If something didn't fit in his story he'd just change stuff.
Mr. Scriblerus: Ok, well in Misconception # 2 - Fan Fiction, I’m going to reference them.
Kid Various: For instance Zefrem Cochrane... was from Alpha Centauri, not Earth.
Mr. Scriblerus:
Right, the nefarious Zefrem Cochrane oversight. You can comment on that.
Kid Various: He appeared in the TOS episode, Metamorphisis, e.g.
Mr. Scriblerus: The one with the big bag of goo that ate earth and killed people mistakenly while protecting its young?
Kid Various:
The horta.
Mr. Scriblerus: Right the horta. Was that that one?
Kid Various:
But that wasn't "The Metamorphisis."
Mr. Scriblerus: Or was that the one with the evil shimmery energy being?
Kid Various:
That was the one.
Kid Various: Although that could also describe "Day of the Dove" and "Wolf in the Fold."
Mr. Scriblerus: Yes, lots of evil shimmery energy beings about the universe you know.
Kid Various: Or really, about half of all Star Trek episodes.
Mr. Scriblerus:
They should wear better protection.

Evil Shimmery Energy Being - Look Out!

With conversations like these, I'm beginning to wonder where Various and I fit into the geek hierarchy.


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