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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good Stuff in My Mailbox

So today I come home and what do I find in my mailbox? What does every man between age 20 and 40 look forward to finding in his mailbox? Ok, besides the new Victoria's Secret catalog which came today. That's right, the latest issue of my favorite magazine, Maxim. And it's the swimsuit issue. Bonus! Well, I mean, every issue of Maxim is basically a swimsuit issue, but this one says it's a swimsuit issue.

But the very best part is that it's FREE! It's the first issue of a subscription I got for free by filling out a form online. There are about a million free magazine offers online, but almost all of them require you to jump through a bunch of hoops or agree to receive loads of spam trying sell you stuff in return for free the magazine subscription. However, I chanced upon one offer that didn't appear to require me to do anything annoying to get a subscription, so I filled out the online form and promptly forgot about it. Until today! Thank you Maixm.

Free Maxim and the Victoria's Secret catalog all in one day. What a great country we live in.


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