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Friday, March 11, 2005

...Because The Revolution's Here. And You Know It's Right III

200 people protesting in Bahrain against the incarceration of 3 bloggers who are guilty of the crime of speaking their mind?

People arrested for airing their views in Bahrain. Strictly dog bites man.

People spontaneously and peacefully standing up in their defense? Definitely man bites dog.
hat tip Instapundit

And women in Kuwait possibly gaining the vote?
Kuwaiti women, who have struggled in vain for their political rights over nearly four decades, are just one step away from winning their suffrage, women activists amid their supporters said Wednesday. "Things won't take too long. We are highly optimistic because some MPs opposing women's rights have changed their position and the government is with us," said leading activist Fatima al-Abdali.

Yeah, that George Bush. He's such a simpleton.


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