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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Liberal Bloggers Whine for Attention

Wizbang hits the nail right on the head in a post about a New York Times story which details how "liberal progressive" bloggers are using conference calls to share their ideas with newspaper and television journalists. Two of these calls, hosted by have occured so far, and while no has confirmed who dialed in, reporters from news organizations including CBS, The Washington Post, Newsweek, MSNBC and The National Journal asked for a call-in number.

As Wizbang ably points out, a method exists for bloggers to share to share their ideas with the mainstream media. It's called a blog.

Bob Fertik, President of complains:

"The way we perceive it,is that right-wing bloggers are able to invent stories, get them out on Drudge, get them on Rush Limbaugh, get them on Fox, and pretty soon that spills over into the mainstream media. We, the progressives, we don't have that kind of network to work with."
What? Right-wing invent stories? I guess conseratives just dream up stories like magic. I have a suggestion for aspiring liberal bloggers: try coming up with good stories -- write a good story and other bloggers and even the mainsteam media will find you.

Whining to the mainstream media will not help you get noticed. Quite frankly, that's just preaching to the choir. The mainstream media is dominated by liberals. Liberal blogs, for the most part, are pretty much redundant.

On the other hand, the growth of conservative blogs and conservative talk radio are a direct result of the mainstream media being dominated. Conservatives viewpoints have found outlets in the blogoshpere and radio precisely because other media outlets are not really interested in reporting on them.

The efforts of or "Air America" have little to do with reporting on stories that aren't covered elsewhere, and everything to with liberals, convinced of their righteousness, trying to further drown out conservative viewpoints. So, if you don't offer anything new, don't be surprized when no one pays much attention.

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