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Monday, September 04, 2006

Kennedy Fascination Lives On

Kid Various was flipping through Stars & Stripes today and ran across this headline:

Woman who rode in limo with Kennedy during his assassination dies at 87

Wow. You get to be First Lady of Texas, serve on the boards of several charities and hospitals, raise 3 children and 8 grandchildren and THAT is your obit.

Woman who rode in limo with Kennedy during his assassination dies at 87

How much does it suck to be her?

It just shows how much, as a society, we are all still fascinated with JFK. The dude has been dead over 40 years and we're all still clinging to all sorts of little snippets of historical trivia about him.

Which brings The Kid to a cool one shot story entitled "Idol Chatter" from the comic "100 Bullets." (The story is collected in a volume 4 of "100 Bullets" stories entitled "A Foregone Tomorrow")

100 Bullets is an outstanding comic. The Kid was skeptical initially, but bought the first collection because the premise sounded interesting. A guy shows up and gives you an attache case that contains a gun, 100 "untraceable" bullets and a file that contains indisputable evidence about how someone screwed up your life. The question is, what do you do?

The writer Brian Azzarello has a real gift for noir writing. His characters are authentic people from the streets of modern America, grifters and gangbangers, hookers and junkies. Marginalized people on the edge, just looking for the next scam or job that will keep them going till tomorrow.

Most stories push forward a larger story arc. But sometimes, they are simply one off stories. Such as in "Idol Chatter" where Agent Graves meets an old baseball player to whom he gave an attache case some 40 years ago, to avenge the murder of his movie star ex-wife by the most powerful man in the world.

Did the Yankee Clipper fire the Magic Bullet?

Inspriational! Check it out here...


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