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Sunday, September 03, 2006

We're On A Road To Nowhere

The Census Bureau has released a list of average commute times in the U.S. Longest commute time? New York? Los Angeles? D.C.?

For example, the nation's longest commute, at 39.6 minutes, is in the Vineland, New Jersey, metropolitan area, about 40 miles south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Who the f**k is going to Vineland?

To those not in the know, Vineland is in the middle of nowhere. Really. In the middle of freakin' nowhere. It has a major limited access highway (Route 55) that runs from Philadelphia to Vineland, built back in the day when we could still build roads on the idea that there *might* be traffic that wants to go there someday. Kid Various has never seen a road so empty.

Who is fighting the traffic for 40 minutes a day to get to Vineland?

Wonders never cease.


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