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Friday, May 27, 2005

Vote "Oui" To Prevent Another Holocaust!

Kid Various has been meaning to blog for a while about the impending votes on the E.U. constitution in France and the Netherlands. But he's been too busy. Besides, it's been said before and better by others. But we just wanted to let you all know that we're thinking about it, and more Americans should be thinking about it.

So read this article by Mark Steyn, on how the campaign to approve the E.U constitution is failing in the Netherlands and *gasp*... France.

Maybe they're not so stupid after all.

With the new constitution flailing in most polls, the Dutch government is being rather vicious already. Bernard Bot, the foreign minister, dismisses the electorate's objections as "a lot of irrational reaction". Piet-Hein Donner, the justice minister, warns that Europe will go the way of Helga's orchestra if the constitution is rejected. "Yugoslavia was more integrated than the Union is now," he points out, "but bad will and the inability to stifle hidden irritations and rivalry led in a short time to war."

Scornful of such piffling analogies, the prime minister, Jan-Peter Balkenende, thinks a Balkan end is the least of their worries. "I've been in Auschwitz and Yad Vashem," he says. "The images haunt me every day. It is supremely important for us to avoid such things in Europe."

Yes, so, the only way to avoid the reinstitution of death camps in Europe is to approve a 511 page (small type) document that regulates and standardizes the gage of railway tracks in light rail systems. (We might note here that the EU constitution clocks in at 507 pages longer than the US constitution... still the most successful constitution on the planet. Reason for success? Survey says!.................................brevity.)

For euroelites, the only way to avoid totalitarianism is to give up all national power to a centralized, unelected bureaucracy that will make decisions for 300 million people from Brussels.

Hello? Can we look up "irony" in the dictionary please?

If this thing goes down to defeat, we'd normally laugh and laugh. Unfortunately, like in most totalitarian states whose "efficiency" the euroelites most admire, there is only one correct answer.

If the people of Europe choose the wrong answer, they'll just keep holding referenda until they choose the right one.


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