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Saturday, May 21, 2005

And They Lived Happily Ever After

And speaking of teachers sleeping with 12 year olds, Mary Kay LeTourneau married her lover and former student Vili Fualaau yesterday in Seattle. 200 people attended the ceremony. Who the hell were those 200 people? What kind of gift do you buy for this wedding?

They don't need any wedding presents.
All they need is their love...

Well, you can't say she wasn't willing to endure a lot for love. She did 7 long for this guy. The Kid has said it before, her crime was less one of passion and more one of taste. She did 7 years for that guy and Kid Various can't get a date?

Which brings us to our latest Idiom poll. We want know what our readers think...

What motivated Mary Kay LeTourneau to give up her family, job and freedom to shtup this guy?
Needed more children for the tax credits
"Samoan Fever"
Was instantly attracted to his original insights regarding Heidegger's "Being and Time"
Really big schlong
Decided to get back at her previous husband for not taking out the garbage
Longed for a strong "pimp hand"
That scraggly facial hair... It is irresistable to women!
Always wanted to be a trendsetter. And looking at the state of the New York City school system, she finally achieved her dream...

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Fualaau appears at the 23rd annual Thug Life awards


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