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Friday, May 13, 2005


Overheard, an example of the aging Generation X's watercooler talk, circa May 13, 2005:

Kid Various: I really can't believe Pac Man is 25 years old how fucked up is that? And The Empire Strikes Back also came out 25 years ago...
Mr. Scriblerus: Yes, we were like 12, 25 years ago.
Kid Various: Ugh.
Mr. Scriblerus: Double ugh. And of course now here we are almost 40 and still talking about freaking star wars, 25 years later.
Kid Various: Amazing isn't it?
Mr. Scriblerus: So really, other than being older and worn out, has anything changed? Star wars is an inter-generational thing now. Have you ever seen the MTV True Life episode on embarrassing parents with the father and son Star Wars fans.
Kid Various:
Mr. Scriblerus: It's so funny. This umemployed father dresses up like a Jedi, takes his redneck son to a Star Wars convention and then the kid gets into it, but embraces the dark side as a stormtrooper. Classic TV.
Kid Various: I can tell. Who aspires to be a storm trooper? Man, at least go for IG-88.
Mr. Scriblerus: Yeah, how lame is that, you’re an anonymous clone.
Kid Various: Man I'm ashamed I knew that.
Mr. Scriblerus: You should be, and the fact that you have a preference is chilling, I mean like everyone knows R2D2 but - IG88?
Kid Various: Well...IG-88 *is* an enigma
Mr. Scriblerus: Ummm. OK.
Kid Various: I mean, what's his motivation?
Mr. Scriblerus: It's George Lucas, don't you know robots have feelings.
Kid Various: What moves a robot to become a bounty hunter?
Mr. Scriblurus: Chicks.

Search. Destroy. Score.


At Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 10:59:00 AM EDT, Blogger Kid Various said...

Yeah, the bandolier *is* a chick magnet.

In the future, all robots will wear bandoliers...


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