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Monday, May 09, 2005


Well, Disney has gone and bought the muppets franchise outright. Kid Various does not think that the muppets brand of anarchist humour will go down well in the House of Mouse.

The Muppets are essentially joyous and irreverent — their currency is pigs loving frogs, caterpillars smoking hookahs, Dr Teeth and His Electric Mayhem having “bummers”, and a disgruntled Statler and Waldorf trying to assassinate the whole cast. It’s hippies parodying reactionaries, bread-heads, divas and bores. It’s hard to see how they will fit, intact, into Disney’s cleaner-than-clean, carefuller-than-careful corporate world.

Indeed, as if to illustrate this point, when I contacted Disney its vice-president of corporate communications for Europe replied: “Disney has deemed irreverence as one of the five core equities of the Muppets (humorous, heartwarming, puppet-inspired and topical being the other four).”


Number one feature of Disney cartoons (as opposed to the Warner Bros. cartoons, the muppets or even Walter Lantz shorts)...not funny!

Beautiful, technically perfect, at times a work of art - but have you ever laughed at a Mickey Mouse cartoon? Does Donald Duck make you chuckle? Has Goofy ever produced a guffaw? What the hell is Goofy even anyway? If he's a dog, why can't Pluto talk?

Why does Kid Various think that Crazy Harry
will be left out of the latest incarnation of The Muppets?


At Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 4:35:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Merovign said...

On the other hand, Disney's recent moral ambiguities and massive resources could lead to a place in the world for my next masterpiece:

The John-Woo-inspired epic Blood Opera: Muppet Apocalypse

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