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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Only in San Franciso

We here at the Idiom strive to bring you the latest in penguin news and information and this week is no exception. Apparently there is an outbreak of the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia that is killing the penguins at the San Francisco Zoo. Zoo officials maintain that the illness that befell the zoo's "Penguin Island" was not sexually transmitted. Yeah right.

This is not the first time that something odd has happened with the San Francisco penguins.
The zoo's penguins in December 2003 began swimming nonstop in circles after six
new penguins were introduced to the colony. Normally the birds occasionally
splash about in their pool. They went around and around until mid-February
2004. Even when the pool was drained they would walk around in circles."

The plot thickens. Ok, whats's happening is a story we have all seen a million times before. New penguins from the wrong side of the iceberg come to the zoo, maybe some of the "experimental" penguins from the Bremerhaven zoo, and pretty soon the penguins start walking aroud in a daze and getting STD's. There is obviuosly penguin free love and drug use use going on here! I mean this is permissive San Frnacisco after all. I think if the zoo keepers watched these penguins more closely they would find the penguins sneaking out at night to dance and take extascy at penguin rave parties. The only other logical explanation is penguin alien abduction and that's just crazy.

Assist via Tigerhawk.


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