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Friday, May 27, 2005

Chip Me!

Kid Various has said it before, when they start offering brain implants, he'll be first on line (to get online - forgive the pun.)

Here's an interesting conversation with some transhuman speculists.

Earlier this month, I had the extreme pleasure of hosting a conversation between James Hughes, Ramez Naam and Joel Garreau, exploring the implications of human enhancement technologies. While none of the three could be termed a "bio-conservative," there are clear differences between their perspectives on how society can and should respond to new technologies (the lack of a bio-conservative in the discussion was intentional; I wanted the group to be able to explore the edges of implications, not get tied up in arguments over terminology or moral standing). The conversation ran over two-and-a-half hours; the resulting transcript is correspondingly lengthy. But I expect that you'll find the discussion compelling and fascinating, and well worth your time.
Goddamn, The Kid wants to live in the Matrix.


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