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Thursday, April 21, 2005

This Is Not From The Onion

It's finally happened. In response to his penchant for self importance for the better part of two decades, the last person on earth given to tolerate his incredible pretension has finally thrown in the towel. Yes, even Bono is sick of Bono.

The former Word Bank presidential candidate announced in an interview on March 3rd

People are saying, ’Bono, people are sick of you. You’ve been around; you’ve been winning all these awards. You have to go away for a while...’ I’m sick of Bono, and I am Bono.

The lead singer of the supergroup U2, whose concert film Rattle & Hum was shot in 70mm because that was the only format large enough to capture his ego, announced that he will forewith live in a cave with no outside contact to reduce overexposure and that he will return when the public once again wants to hear from him.

Publicity experts estimate this will be in approximately 117 years.

Alright. All That You Can't Leave Behind
was a kick ass album.


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