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Monday, April 18, 2005

Global Tsunami? NO! It's EPIC surf conditions, dude!

Scientists this week are modifying the language of the "Torino" scale which indicates the likelihood of an impact on the earth by a near earth object (asteroid), and the range of devastation it is expected to cause...

Akin to the Richter scale, the Torino scale goes from zero to 10, with zero representing no risk and 10 warning of an impact that could wipe everything off the planet. But scary phrases from the old warning system like "localized destruction," "regional devastation" and "certain global climatic catastrophe" have been modified.
Under the new system, a "4" on the Torino scale will be described as an "unrequested nickel-iron surplus."

While a "10" will be described as a "surprise civilization reboot."

What's that bright light in the sky?

RELAX guy! You need a rest! Look over there!


At Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 12:27:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Dead as a dinosaur said...

The latest thing that's being tracked aggressively has an expected very close approach in 2026. About 500 meters wide. Unknown content. And it's only observable during infrequent windows. So it's difficult to pin down if it will hit (and where) or not. Of course even if it does hit, it's important to know what it's made of. But best of all it just happens to be the one they know about.



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