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Friday, February 11, 2005

This is not a catblog

Treasure the moments with your beloved yet mortal cat? Have a hunch that nature really does trump nurture and that biology is in fact destiny? Well, you may consider saving up for the $50,000 it’s going to cost you to clone your pet at your friendly neighborhood branch of Genetic Savings and Clone after Mr. Fluffy meets his eternal reward.

Unless…California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine has his way. The lawmaker has announced his intent to introduce a bill to ban pet cloning. It looks like Assemblyman Levine can write off the Raelian endorsement at his next election.

Mind you, banning pet cloning is for your own good. Otherwise the nefarious pet cloning-industrial complex will take advantage of vulnerable grief-stricken pet owners at their weakest moments. First smoking, then fast food, now pet cloning? What next? Where do we live, North Korea?

Is Mr. Fluffy feeling a little under the weather?

Don’t wait, get in line for a Mr. Fluffy II before its too late!

N.B. This is not a catblog. This is a blog about cats. It’s a koan, think about it.


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