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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thank God The Kid Is Leaving This Freakin' Country

Yet another reason to fear government.

Assemblyman Douglas Fisher and Assemblyman William Payne have introduced a bill in Trenton that would require any restaurant chain with more than 20 outlets to post calorie counts and other nutritional information on menu boards.

The measure is intended to help shrink Americans' ever-expanding waistlines.

Fisher, D-3, pointed to his favorite restaurant order -- cheese fries, which contain 3,000 calories -- as proof of why the bill is needed.

Do not ever, ever get your hand between the Kid and his cheese fries...


At Thursday, February 3, 2005 at 10:37:00 PM EST, Blogger Mr. Scriblerus said...

What? Cheese fries are high in calories? Holy crap! I thought they were good for you with lots of vitamin C!

At Friday, February 4, 2005 at 2:43:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! Hehehe. I'm telling ya, ya should be glad ya don't live in California! They can nail ya for almost anything. Geez, I can tell ya why they're fat...they don't MOVE. They don't exercise, play...(OMG) sports, gymnastics, tennis, or anything that would burn calories. What did the libs expect when they took away our toys for our own good...or was it because they didn't want to get off they're arses to spot, coach, or spend the money on something other than sex ed! Good grief. Have a great day.


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