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Monday, January 31, 2005

Jaws IV: Baghdad

Important safety tips when answering your door in Baghdad, a skit by the Not Ready for Primetime Players.

#1) The wrong way:
Kid Various: (on the phone) Mom, I'm telling you, I'll be okaaaayy. I'll be careful. Alright. Goodbye…
Doorbell: Ding Dong.
Kid Various: Yes?
Voice: Mr. Bowerton.
Kid Various: Who?
Voice: Mr. Heyahl.
Kid Various: What?!
Voice: Telephone man!
Kid Various: My telephone's okay! Who is this?!
Voice: Are you double-parked, I think you're Humvee is blocking me?
Kid Various: I don't own a car! Come on, who is this?
Kid Various: A candygram! Oh, boy! (Kid various opens the door and is grabbed headfirst by insurgents)

#2) The right way:

Doorbell: Ding Dong.
Kid Various: Yes?
Voice: U.N. Peacekeepers.
Kid Various: Who?
Voice: Uhh,candygram.
Kid Various: What?! I don’t like candy.
Voice: Meat of the Month Club.
Kid Various:
Who is this?!
Voice: Landshark.
Kid Various: What?!
Voice: Insurgency.
Kid Various: Don't want any.

The end. Exeunt Omnes.

Or read it in the original here.


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