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Friday, February 04, 2005

He Blogs - He Scores!

We view this blog as a competitive venture. Each principal is dedicated to out-witting, out-ironizing, out-posting, and generally out-blogging the others. To better keep score the following points will be allocated:

Posting = 2 points awarded per post;
Assist = 1 point, for illustrating or punching up someone else's post;
Comments = 1 point each, points are awared only for people not affiliated with or related to the principals of this blog.

We will be debating whether a particularly good post can merit an additional quality point to be awarded by the other two principals at the Editorial Board - Rules Sub-committee meeting over Rodizio Saturday night.

To date the following posts have been made to The Idiom:

Kid Various - 40 blogposts, 2 assists, 1 outside commentator - Score of 83.
Mr. Scriblerus - 34 blogposts (including this one), 1 outside commentator - Score of 69.
Mr. Surly - 14 blogposts - Score of 28.

According to my tally, Kid Various is in the lead and clearly dominates this blog. Let the debate over quantity v. quality begin! By the way the rules sub-committee is composed of Kid Various and Mr. Scriblerus. A score of 40 or above on this blog is required to qualify to sit on the rules sub-committee.


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