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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why We Are A Great Nation

The Iraqis, although they are completely freaked out by the possibility of us leaving, nevertheless look at our political system with awe:

I certainly have great trust in Republican leaders who liberated my people from tyranny. I trust the American nation as a whole even more. America has offered the world — through her pluralism and temporary divide — yet a new lesson in humanity.

...Americans, especially those who are used to voting for Republicans, have demonstrated their patriotism and their adherence to what America stands for. People in the Middle East are amazed by the large number of white people and Republican voters who voted for the “other.” America — who is always accused of racism — has shown us that in fact our countries in the Middle East are where racism flourishes. We didn’t choose that, but it’s the rule of tyranny and repression that uses hatred and intolerance to further itself.

It is liberty and democracy that allowed America to become the great humane and mature nation that she is.

Mr. Democracy, currently workign in Iraq, confirms:

The thing which I try to get across to Iraqis, the thing that really blows their minds, is that we do not swear allegiance to a leader, or a country, or a flag, or a "people", or blood or soil, or a religion or a god. We swear to "...uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic." We will die to defend a process. And what they are coming to understand, is that *this* is what makes us great.


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