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Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Source Was The New York Times

Of course the New York Times would run a story about classified directives. That's the right of the people "to know."

Of course, if there's a video tape of Barack Obama cavorting with Bill Ayers and Khalid Rashidi - you know - the public doesn't have the right to see that.

These men and/or women are gutless, self-serving, untrustworthy leeches. Eric Schmitt, Mark Mazetti, their editors, and the rest of the New York Times are no better, given their record of facilitating and propagating public disclosure of classified military information during a time of war.

If dissent is truly the highest form of patriotism, where does breaching the protocols of security and betraying the trust of granted clearances fit into the equation? Can we give these patriots their medals and just make it official?

No. We should instead track them down and prosecute them, and prepare their Patriots Day parade welcoming them to the friendly confines of Fort Leavenworth Prison — a "castle" fit for "patriotic" Kings of Dissent who disclose classified documents.

And quite frankly, Kid Various certainly hopes that there are orders to hunt down and eliminate the Enemy wherever he hides. To not do so would be criminally irresponsible.


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