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Thursday, November 06, 2008

President Obama

Kid Various wishes a hearty Idiom congratulation to President Barack Obama.

Obviously, he was not our choice. But he is our President and we wish him the greatest success, because, unlike some, we would not wish ill on our country simply to damage a political opponent.

And most of all we sincerely hope that he will be granted the wisdom to understand the nature of the awesome threats that are arrayed against us.

This is a great time for America. All else aside, we have elected a black man as president. And we have elected him, not because he *was* black, but because the fact that he was black was insignificant.

Throughout this entire campaign, we have never doubted that Barack Obama's race would play an insignificant role. Never for a moment have we doubted that America was "ready" for a black president. Or a woman president. Or a gay president. Or a hispanic president.

We have never doubted it because we have never doubted the greatness of our society.

This is a great, GREAT country. Unparalleled in all of human history. And we can all be immensely proud.


At Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 1:23:00 PM EST, Blogger Erica said...

Outstanding post. Personally, I detest him, but you are a good, bold, strong person for feeling as you do, and I can't not say that I respect this opinion very much.

Hopefully things will not be so terrible as I had come to fear. This post was certainly reassuring in some measure.


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