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Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama's Kool-Aid Tastes Best

Charles Krauthammer may have no neck, but he can sure write a paragraph that beautifully captures the truths that politicians try so hard to obfuscate. Here he is on Obama's recent spate of flip-flops, course corrections, and clarifications:
I have never had any illusions about Obama. I merely note with amazement that his media swooners seem to accept his every policy reversal with an equanimity unseen since the Daily Worker would change the party line overnight -- switching sides in World War II, for example -- whenever the wind from Moscow changed direction.
Brilliant. Most Obama supporters really don't seem to care what he says. They just project their own views on to him. For many, this race has all the gravity of a contest for high school class president. Obama supporters dig Barry because he's just a cooler cat than old John McCain. Hope! Change! Yeah, that's cool! Why can't the Republicans just take a toke and give peace a chance. War is a downer man.

Never mind that Obama pretty much is a communist. If that's too harsh, then a hard-core socialist. What do you expect from a man whose past mentors and friends include actual communists, terrorists, convicted felons, terrorist sympathizers, and people who are just plain anti-American. Not to mention his support of socialized medicine, higher taxes, anti-business policies, and his general attitude that Barry Obama and the government know what's best for you.

Never mind that Obama bills himself as new kind of politician with a message of change, but the only thing that seems to be changing is his position on just about everything. Meetings with Iran without preconditions. Well, not exactly. Jerusalem must be undivided. Well, not exactly. He is going to accept public campaign funds. Well, not exactly.

Never mind that though. Hope! Change! Sounds good! That Barry Obama is one cool cat.

Its gonna be a long four years.


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