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Friday, November 07, 2008

Back In My Day, All We Had Was Dial Up!

Admittedly, this is cool. As both a geek and a campaign hack, The Kid sees how this has the potential to revolutionize not only organization - but also putting messages on target. Way back when in 1996, Kid Various developed the theory that the Net was a potentially awesome tool for organization, but lousy at moving message. But these new apps allow for the targeting of specific voters with the correct message. It's a brave new world.

One in which the GOP will have yet more of the deck stacked against us. Our demo skews older and these tactics would be less effective. Freaking wonderful.

He praised the Neighbor to Neighbor application on the Obama Web site as a means of getting out the vote. Obama supporters in swing states could log on to the Obama Web site and get a phone list of people in their neighborhoods to call and encourage them to vote for Obama. Baker and his colleagues in Chico used the site to coordinate with Democrats in Reno, Nev., to persuade Nevada voters to support Obama.

"MyBarackObama was very much a key place," Baker said. "The tenet of the campaign was to always send people directly to what Obama had said." The campaign made that easy by making Obama's position papers, statements, and videos readily available. "They didn't necessarily want us to tell people our opinions, they wanted it to be representative of what Obama thought."


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