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Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow Falls On Baghdad

Snow falls in Baghdad for the first time that anyone can remember. via Instapundit

Idiom friend and commentator, Mr. Democracy, confirms in an email that it snowed as well in Ramadi:

You can imagine my surprise when I looked out my window this morning and saw snow. Like real snow on the ground.

What I always tell people who are coming to Iraq for the first time is to bring a coat and an umbrella. Because it rains here a lot in the winter and it gets freaking cold! During last night's freeze we had the great fortune to also have the power go out in our trailers. So I wake up at 3 in the morning, freezing my XXX off because my hooch has quickly cooled to outside temperatures. (they're not well insulated.)

I get up and grab my coats from the closet and throw them on the bed as extra blankets. Woke up this morning and realized that we could have had someone freeze to death if they were a heavy sleeper. All in the name of Freedom baby!


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