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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Pieces Of The Plan Are Falling Into Place

Patrick Basham in today's National Review Online makes the first mention of what Kid Various has been touting for the past few weeks. Rudy Guiliani is well placed in his bid for the nomination.

However, as the Republican race journeys down to South Carolina, and then on to Florida — prior to decisive Super Tuesday — Giuliani may be in the best overall shape of any Republican candidate. Giuliani’s advantage over his competitors in key facets of the nomination battle is increasingly overlooked; too little attention has been paid to his financial resources, organization, and electability.

The Giuliani campaign has made comparatively large investments in organization, candidate visits, and advertising in many of the big, early-voting states, including Florida, California, and Illinois. Consequently, beyond the headline poll numbers, Giuliani holds a far more competitive position across the spectrum of upcoming primary states than Huckabee, McCain, or Romney.

The Kid supports McCain, but is almost just as happy with Rudy. All that matters is that we nominate a War candidate. And as The Kid noted before, the most important thing for Rudy is to keep consensus from coalescing around one candidate (ie Romney) until Feb. 5 - when Rudy can bust out and scoop up a third of the delegates needed for the nomination. Then suddenly, he's way ahead and the "candidate of destiny."


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