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Friday, January 04, 2008

Good News Bad News


So Iowa has come and gone and Mighty Mike Huckabee has beaten Mitt Romney like a drum!

What's that you say? Has Kid Various eaten the brown acid and become a Huck supporter?

Well no, he hasn't taken complete leave of his senses. However, you see, Kid Various supports John McCain and, to a lesser extent, Rudy Guiliani. They're the only two candidates he trusts to fight the War. Not just Iraq, but the whole war, on every front.

And now the pieces of his plan are all falling into place...

Huck won't survive the near future, he's of no consequence. But what is of extreme importance is to stop Romney from being able coalesce support around him. Romney is the threat. But if Romney loses Iowa and can be decisively beaten by McCain in New Hampshire - then the field remains bunched up. With a bunched up field where no one gets a decisive lead, there is an opportunity to have the big boys cannibalize each other and have McCain run up the middle. Or, failing that, keeping a decided front runner from emerging allows Rudy to exercise his Blue Tuesday strategy, where he can fend off other candidates long enough to sweep the delegate rich states of Florida, New York, New Jersey, California and Michigan on Jan. 29th and Feb. 5th.

But if Romney came out strong with wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, momentum would carry him forward and the Kid doubts that Rudy could long hold out. But now, if McCain can pull off a win in NH - the wind is decidedly out of Romney's sails. And we can pave the way to the nomination for War candidate.

The bad news is, Obama thrashed Hilary. This is bad news. Not so much that he won, but that he did so decisively. Hell, Hilary was so bad she came in third behind this idiot.

The Kid fears an Obama candidacy. How do you run against a ghost? Obama's strength is that he has no past, no record, and no real plans. He's a tabula rasa and people write on to him whatever they imagine, whatever makes them feel good. That makes him very dangerous to run against. It's hard to run against the embodiment of people's hopes and aspirations.


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