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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An Interesting Formulation

Take a look at this from the AP article covering the Clinton and McCain wins in NH.

Her victory, after Obama won last week's Iowa caucuses, raised the possibility of a prolonged battle for the party nomination between the most viable black candidate in history and the former first lady, seeking to become the first woman to occupy the Oval Office.
and then

Obama's defeat came as he had appeared to be within reach of gaining an endorsement from the powerful Culinary Workers union in Nevada in the days ahead. He is still strong in South Carolina, where the Democratic electorate is heavily black and likely to go for the most viable black presidential candidate in history.
That's a rather odd formulation isn't it? "The most viable black presidential candidate in history?"

News organizations are having to increasingly contort themselves to put a racial spin on the campaign. Because, to the media - Barack Obama is a black man. But the awkward construction of the AP's description just goes to highlight, that despite the fact that America is "racist, bigoted, fascist nation," an increasing majority of people don't care any more.

Obama is not the first black man to contend for the presidential nomination of a major political party. Hell, he's not even the second since the Democratic Party, apparently after dropping serious acid, decided to welcome the black PT Barnum, Al Sharpton, to the festivities in 2004.

Jesus, when you throw in speculation about presidential runs by Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice, (and don't forget President Palmer from 24) - to most Americans, the prospect of a black president seems downright normal.

But normal doesn't fit the narrative does it?


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