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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Speaking of Change

All the Democratic candidates running for President want you to know they are all for CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE. I have no idea what exactly they going to change. With luck, if elected, they will only change things that need to be changed like dirty diapers or the TV when you finish watching Jeopardy and forget to switch to another channel before the horror that is Wheel of Fortune starts, who knows?

I, too, support change, specifically climate change. I think the paranoia over global warming is basically a load of crap. I'll say this though, if people are causing the Earth's temperature to rise, BRING IT ON! As I sit here it's a balmy 60 degrees outside. You don't need a coat to go out and you can drive around with the windows down. I could get used to January days in Jersey like this.


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