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Friday, January 11, 2008

Self Parody

Hillary Clinton's come from behind victory in New Hampshire - it's like a black fly in your chardonay...

Tigerhawk picks up the humour in a reader's email to Andrew Sullivan.

Watched the NH returns with some friends last night, and something quite unexpected happened when the AP called it for Clinton -- inexplicable ANGER. I was surrounded by people in their early 30's, registered Democrats, receptive to the Clintons in the 90's, and I swear I thought someone was going to throw their wine glass at the tube during her 'victory' speech. We made a pact last that we all followed through on this morning -- logging on to and donating $100 each to his campaign (this is the first time ANY of us has donated money to a campaign). Oh, and did I mention we're all New Yorkers?

Man that joke just writes itself. And it is unintentionally instructive of the fact that many Americans are living in an alternate moral/political universe.

We're talking alternate. Way more alternate than that universe where Spock has the cool goatee. So alternate, that they would actually put that description of their election eve soirée down on paper (well electrons) and send it to a major media outlet with absolutely no conception of just how far they had descended into self-parody.

Unless of course, the writer is so meta that he created that story as hook to get Sullivan to publish it as a real anecdote, thus highlighting Andrew's own hiptard leanings. Then that guy would be a genius!


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