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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The World Turned Upside Down

Two good clips on YouTube that get to the heart of the matter. The West is in danger, not solely because of the threat from the Enemy, but rather because we lack the civilizational confidence necessary to decisively confront the Enemy.

The first clip is a video of the testimony of Hillel Neuer of United Nations Watch to the UN Human Rights Council. (Cue Cantina Band music here.) Neuer calls them out, denouncing their bizarre fixation on Israel and utterly ignoring real human rights violations in in places like Darfur, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe (the list could be endless.)

Amazingly - the President of the UNHRC refuses to thank Neuer for his testimony (such gratitude is reserved only for the mouthpieces of dictators in the UNHRC) and warns against anybody else saying such impolitic things in the future.

The second clip is a long one by YouTube standards. It's a speech given to The Heritage Foundation by humourist and former liberal Evan Sayet. Apparently, it's been making the rounds and proved surprisingly popular.

Sayet, a stand up comedian and writer, explains his theory that the basic problem that we have in the West, is that we can no longer discriminate against anything. The "modern liberal" (in his parlance) has taken discrimination to be the only evil that actually exists in the world and therefore any discrimination (between say, good and evil) is automatically suspect.

A civilization cannot long endure with that attitude.


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