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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

War Called On Account of Rain

This is some disturbing news about the progress of the National Missile Defense system. via The Weekly Standard

Torrential rains wiped out a quarter of the U.S.' intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor silos in Ft. Greely, Alaska last summer -- right when North Korea was preparing to carry out an advanced missile launch, according to documents obtained by the Project On Government Oversight.

During that time period, we all assumed that he missile tests were timed to coincide with Independence Day. But the thing Kid various wants to know is - could the North Koreans actually have known that the (highly experimental) missile defense system was crippled? And could that have affected their decision-making?

It's likely a coincidence as the NoKo missile were targeted to go out far into the pacific but not far enough to trigger a response form the US. But it is an interesting development.

And a useful reminder that a national missile defense system has to work 100% the first time it's used.

No one in the history of Man has ever achieved that engineering feat.


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