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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Kid Various: Yo, I just saw The Prestige. Highly recommended. You’d like it.

Neuromantic: Is that the movie with Edward Norton?

Kid Various: No, that’s the *other* 19th century stage magician movie.

Neuromantic: They must be running out of stories in Hollywood.

Kid Various: Tru dat.

Neuromantic: Friends have said good things about it tho

Kid Various: Dude, it’s got David Bowie as Nikolai Tesla!

Neuromantic: When is David Bowie going to die?

Kid Various: He can’t die. He’s way too cool. Death keeps coming up to him and then just backing off going “Whoa! It’s Bowie…”

Whoa! It Bowie...

P.S. Can't believe the perfect candidate was working right under Chris Nolan's nose! Bowie would have been the perfect actor to play The Joker in his upcoming film The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger? We'll reserve judgement until we see it.


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