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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two Words: Scooter Libby

Opinon Journal makes plain what this is all about. Since there is absolutely no criminal activity whatsoever in this "prosecutor scandal," Congressional Democrats are looking to trap Justice officials into committing actual crimes by obfuscation under oath.

Sad to say, this is one more unfortunate result of the Beltway's modern habit of criminalizing political differences, a la the Scooter Libby travesty. Congress has the right to conduct oversight of the executive, and in a better world government officials would be willing to testify and give as good as they get. Thus would the public be educated about the facts and policy differences be aired.

But Ms. Goodling has been around, and she can see Democrats don't really want to know the truth; they want to shout "liar, liar" and set the stage to accuse Justice officials of criminal behavior. In a statement to the committee explaining her decision, Ms. Goodling said, "I have read public remarks by members of both the House and Senate Committees on the Judiciary in which those members have drawn conclusions about the subject matter and the testimony now under investigation by the Committee." We've read them, too.

No shit. Kid Various can't remember what he had for lunch yesterday. You think he's going to go before a Senate panel and get grilled about minor details about something that happened months ago that, apparently, wasn;t even a big deal atthe time? And then face 10 years in the federal pen like Scooter Libby in the subsequent perjury trial when he misrepresents some fact?

Yeah. The Kid will be taking his 5th Amendment rights and shoving it up Congress' ass!


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