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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Kid Varius: Dude, so fucking awesome.

Mr. Scriblerus: Wow, obscure, geeky.

Kid Various: And a perfect blend of me... I plan to buy the entire set.

Mr. Scriblerus: Those would look so way cool on the walls of your happening bachelor pad.

Kid Various: Truly.

Mr. Scriblerus: Helllooooo ladies!.

Kid Various: Along with the Albertosaurus arm and Utahraptor leg, not to mention the Tyrannosaur skull and the glass case with the Skeletal Legion.

Mr. Scriblerus: You need special stick Kid to beat back all the babes.

Kid Various: Truly.

Mr. Scriblerus: I mean like a big one.

Kid Various: I know. It'd just be too cool.

Mr. Scriblerus: What's that I hear?

Kid Various: Women would walk by my house and get a tingly feeling in their nether regions.

Mr. Scriblerus: Oh it's Pfizer calling. They want to bottle your personality and sell it as birth control.


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