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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In Other Gay News

The New Brunswick Theological Seminary, adjacent to the Rutgers University campus and one of the nation's oldest schools for training mainline Protestant clergy, made national news this week when it retired its president and reprimanded him for officiating at his gay daughter's wedding.

Former President, Norman Kansfield, is quoted as saying "my bad."

I actually have no strong opinion on the issue of gay marriage. As Howard Stern once said, "gays should be allowed to marry, they should be as unhappy as the rest of us." I would be for legalizing gay marriage if there was some guarantee it would cut down on the number of times in my life I would see news stories feautring Rosie O'Donnell whining.

In any event, I'm just sorry the Seminary doesn't get any press for its real noteworthy feature. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only institution of higher learning with a building in the shape of a fez.

Compare below:

The Seminary is currently undergoing a major expansion, which I can only hope includes a building designed to look like a giant teepee.


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