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Sunday, July 15, 2007


So when Kid Various attempted to dry hump Goofy... that was wrong?

I am a costume character at a well-known theme park. Since it is a performance, I have to stay in character. That means when people ask me if I am a boy (and all of our characters are), I have to say yes (we are not allowed to speak).

Very rude people, always adults and older teenagers say, "I bet you aren't!" and proceed to try to grope and feel whether or not I have breasts. I have been told by some that it "comes with the territory" of my job, but when I informed my manager, he said that it was completely inappropriate and next time it happened, I have every right to inform security and have these people escorted off the premises.

What is fascinating is that the furries have a derogatory term for such people.

Within this community, there is a specific term, a "furvert" for the individuals who groped you indicating, presumably, their sexual attraction to a mascot.

Proving once again that no matter how low you are on the totem pole, there are still always people you can look down on.

Presumably, "Tak-furries" would be the farthest one could sink.


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