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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can We Continue?

Ever fighting the good fight, Bill Kristol writes:

But what if this week is a harbinger of things to come? What if the Defeatists have overplayed their hand? What if they continue to sound the tocsin of defeat--and the president, and the commanders, and the soldiers, don't snap to and obey? What if the surge continues to show better and better results, and the Bush administration does a more effective job of communicating them? If so, this past week could turn out to have been a pivotal moment in the Iraq war.

Yes, Bush stood his ground yesterday, but with more displays from the Caucus of the Cowardly like today

Defying Bush even as his team fanned out to press Congress for more time, Sens. John W. Warner (Va.) and Richard G. Lugar (Ind.) unveiled a measure requiring the White House to begin drawing up plans to redeploy U.S. forces from frontline combat to border security and counterterrorism.

Just makes Kid Various think that Kristol is indulging in an exercise of wishful thinking.

But success on the ground in Anbar was apparent six months before it became so glaring that the MSM had to report on it. Maybe, just maybe, a stubborn President can buy us just enough time so that the successes of the new COIN strategy become so in your face that they cannot be ignored. And maybe then, the George Costanza rush to the door will ease just enough that we can buy more time to pull this out.

Just maybe...


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