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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gang Warfare

Strategypage has a decent analysis about the level of rank criminality that is lumped in with the insurgency in Iraq. People have to understand that the enemy composed of a continuum of everything from foreign jihads/takfiris, who are purely ideologically motivated to simple gang lords for whom the chaos is nothing more than a chance to make a profit. The American public has to understand the nature of the insurgency, how we are defeating it, and why it takes time - before they rush to the door. via Instapundit

The American databases of Iraq's Most Wanted grew year by year. The databases were eventually merged, and the picture of who was who in the Gangs of Iraq became clearer. Then came the idea that, with enough additional American manpower, one could conduct a targeted gangbusters campaign. The key to making this work long term was the desire of ordinary Iraqis to be done with the gangs. Over the last three years, life had become intolerable in many parts of Iraq, as the gangs began spending most of their time getting rich and, worst of all, doing whatever they liked.


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