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Friday, May 25, 2007

Will We Be Able To Afford Hair Cuts In An Edwards Presidency?

Kid Various was toodling around the revamped John Edwards Virtual HQ just recently (no cyber-poop to be seen) and ran across the Edwards’ Plan for America.

Remember you read it here first. A John Edwards presidency is not only going to be War on Terror freetm – it ain't going to be cheap either!

Kid Various protects his virtual pockets

Will we all be able to afford haircuts after the Edwards' "Adminisration" raises taxes enough to make sure that even the "poorest people in America WILL be at last feed..?"

Ok, no one, certainly not this blog, is immune from typos - but do an editing pass dude.

And, granted, the Virtual HQ is not officially run by the Edwards campaign, but by an independent supporter. But hey, it's JRE's numbers right? And we all know how smart he is.


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