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Friday, March 02, 2007

Cyber-Thugs Trash HQ In Edwards' Other America

There are two Americas, one in which the wealthy and the privileged drink apple martinis and laugh at all the stupid poor people.

And the other America, the virtual America, where John Edwards' has a campaign HQ that was apparently ransacked by cyber-vandals. Of course, it was all the Republicans fault!

According to Edwards’ bloggers (who all hate Catholics or something?):
Shortly before midnight (CST) on Monday, February 26, a group of republican Second Life users, some sporting “Bush ‘08” tags, vandalized the John Edwards Second Life HQ. They plastered the area with Marxist/Lenninist posters and slogans, a feces spewing obsenity, and a photoshopped picture of John in blackface, all the while harrassing visitors with right-wing nonsense and obsenity-laden abuse of Democrats in general and John in particular.
Wow, that’s not only the stupidest thing we’ve ever read, it’s also got four misspellings in a single paragraph. Call us, Edwards Blogger Person! We may have a jerb for you!

Well, maybe the current bloggers need to use spellcheck, but at least they're keeping the profanity laced Christian hatred to a minimum.

Kid Various decided to check out what was going at the virtual Edwards HQ and heroically kick some ass if he found any poop throwing cyber-vandals.

Kid Various, posturing heroically and keeping the John Edwards
cyber-HQ free of poop throwing Republicans!

The Edwards' HQ was completely free of cyber-vandals so Kid Various was not forced to use his mighty fists of justice. However, there was something mighty odd about the place. It was populated. We suppose that getting your HQ smeared with electronic feces does have its advantages. Namely, media exposure and a bunch of people wandering in to see what's going on.

Kid Various met a number of curious lookers-on and "Ed Heads," including the young chippy below:

Wow. She really likes John Edwards. John Edwards may not have half a clue about how to prosecute the War, but if she's going to be the generic First Life campaign intern, Kid Various will at least show up to lick a few envelopes (among other things.)


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