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Friday, April 07, 2006

Spinosaurus Pictures Found!

Paleontologists have recently discovered the only known photographs of the holotype specimen of Spinosaurus Aegypticus collected by Ernst Stromer in 1912. Spinosaurus, likely the largest (at least in terms of length) theropod discovered also was distinctive in that the dorsal vertabrae were extremely elongated producing a row of spines six feet in height along its back. Likely, these spines were covered in skin and formed a sail, similar to the earlier, non-dinosaur Dimetrodon.

Stromer took the bones back to Germany where they were housed in the Munich Museum until 1944 when they, and the original drawings and photographs of the specimens, were destroyed by Allied bombing.

Or so we thought. It seems several photographs of the specimen survived and have been recently recovered. What a boon for paleontology!



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