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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Impromptu Poll

Michelle Rodriguez, best known as "Ana Lucia" on Lost, is going to do time. She opted to go to jail for 5 days on a drunk driving charge in Hawaii, rather than do community service.

Kid Various wonders, would you rather take the 5 days in jail or do 150 hours of community service?

Call him non-community oriented, but The Kid would easily take the 5 days in jail. In fact, jail is the perfect place to get a break from the annoying community. So you spend 5 days in lock up. Read a bit. Hang out. Probably won't get beat up or have to join a gang. It's not like you are going to state prison.

You want to be serving food to homeless people every weekend for a year? Who needs that hanging over their head?

Of course, the drunk driving charge in Hawaii seems to have brought up a former drunk driving charge (and worse, hit and run) by Rodriguez in LA for which she received probation. And now prosecutors are thinking of revoking probation and sending her to prison for 16 months. Maybe they can just send her to the Island. And whatever you do Jack, let her have the gun but don;t allow her behind the wheel!!!


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