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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well That Makes It Easy

Yesterday, during his trial, former Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein stated that he was "not afraid to be executed."

How convenient, because they're not afraid to execute you.

"Don't interrupt me!" Saddam shouted at the judge, who tried with little success to make him stick to questioning the witnesses. Later, Saddam pounded on the lectern and his microphone, comparing himself to Benito Mussolini and insisting that he was "not afraid to be executed."

Dude, comparing yourself to Mussolini is not helping your defense.

But then you always were a dumb schmuck anyway.

What concerns Kid Various is that the judge is letting the trial get way out of hand. Who did they get to run this trial Lance Ito?

He's letting Saddam get away with all sorts of stuff. Apparently, since Saddam's defense team walked out, the Iraqi strongman was allowed to conduct his own defense, badgering witnesses (you know what they say about having a fool for a client.)

If Saddam's defense team went on strike then the judge should have called a recess and appointed new lawyers instead of letting Saddam and his cohorts ramble on. Then the defense attorneys examine the witnesses and these guys sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up, even if they have to be chained and gagged.


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