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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ask The Magic 8 Ball

Iran has just passed a law that will kick out IAEA inspectors should the U.N. Security Council have the temerity to call them on their "secret" nuclear weapons program.

As America and Britain change their approach and now seek to encircle Iran diplomatically by including Russia and China directly in the process, the Iranian Guardian Council has approved the Mejlis’ bill that outlaws IAEA nuclear inspections if Iran is put before the UN Security Council over its nuclear development program. The mere formality of Ahmadinejad’s signature will make it Iranian law.

...“If we could get China and Russia to agree that this bears all the hallmarks of a weapons program, it could have an enormous impact on Iran,” said one senior European diplomat, because it might signal that if the issue reaches the Security Council, Iran could not count on Beijing or Moscow blocking action.
Ooooh. We bet the mullahs are shaking now!

Let's ask the magic 8-ball. Will anything that "senior European diplomats" or the U.N. are going to do prevent Iran from getting the bomb?


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