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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Saddam Candidacy Unlikely

This report notes that Saddam is mulling over a possible run for the Iraqi National Assembly.

[JURIST] Former Qatari Justice Minister Najib al-Nuaimi said Wednesday that a request has been made for Saddam Hussein to run as a candidate in future Iraqi elections and that Hussein's defense team has been asked to examine the necessary legal steps to "present Saddam Hussein as a candidate for elections," first as a member of the National Assembly and then as president.

Kid Various, a veteran political handicapper, sees a serious Saddam bid as unlikely because of three extremely difficult legal hurdles.

  1. The current Iraqi constitution and Iraqi law bans anyone who served in the first 4 tiers of the Ba'ath Party from holding any government position. It's pretty safe to say Saddam was a top tier Ba'ath Party member.

  2. According to Independent Election Commission of Iraq (IECI) regulations, deadline for a party to submit petitions and put forward names on a party list was several weeks ago.

  3. Soon, Saddam Hussein will be where all men like him should be, dead and in Hell. And, Robert Byrd notwithstanding, we all know how the law frowns on dead people holding public office.


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