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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yeah, sure, we do requests

From an Idiom reader:

Hi Twisty,

I confess, I'm a devoted reader of "The Idiom" (and a big fan of Mr. Surly in particular :D )

I just had to send this over because I would love to know what spin "the boys" would take on this article: (Homeless Hermit Crabs), particularly the 2nd to last paragraph.

Yeah, sure, we do requests.

Finally corporate America can harness those otherwise useless crabs for capitalist purposes. I mean the entire animal kingdom has been so underutilized for marketing purposes.

This might be a way to protect endangered species too - slap a Tide (TM) logo on a rhino? Shave the Sir Speedy (TM) brandmark on a cheetah? This sea turtle has been brought to you by Exxon-Mobil (TM), this panda is sponsored by Crest (R). Just avoid the Target (R) symbol, it would help poachers aim.

You could even show how broad-minded you were by advertising on the so-called "alternative lifestyle" animals like the gay penguins and the hippie chimps.

Well that work? Surly have a go at it?

Anyone else?

Freebird!?! Freebird!!!


At Saturday, September 24, 2005 at 2:52:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

I hear there's plenty of room at the Superdome these days.


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