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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Prince Harry Apologizes for Dressing as Nazi...WTF? Cont'd

The whole Herr Harry thing is beginning to get out hand. I'm starting to become more sympathetic to that fool of a Prince.

Now various jewish groups are demanding that he do penance by taking a trip to Auschwitz or face the wrath of the Tolerance Nazis.

OK, we can stipulate that as a public figure, who is constantly hounded by the press who desperately want to catch him in the act of doing something to embarrass himself, his choice of costume was poor. But for Christ's sake, he wore it to a costume party, it's not like he was he was going to the opening of Parliament like that.

I've dressed as Darth Vader at costume parties. That man murdered billions. Does this mean that the tolerance Nazis should demand of me that I express my humility by visiting the Endor holocaust museum?


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